Pottery and Water Bottles

The ceramics from Caltagirone sold from the Case Perrotta Market are made by the best Sicilian masters of ceramics entirely by hand. No piece is the same and each one is characterized by small imperfections typical of the handmade manufacture, which gives to every ceramic the beauty and uniqueness of the handicraft of our ancestors.

The pots, the plates and the appetizers dishes are made specifically for the Case Perrotta restaurant. They are hand painted with the use of lead-free colors and therefore suitable for food use.

All Caltagirone ceramics are available in two colors, light-blue and orange. These masterpieces are all decorated with designs representing the most important fruits of Sicilian cultivation, such as grapes, prickly pears, lemons.

With our colorful aluminum water bottles we want to discourage the use of single use plastic, thanks to a environment friendly and functional object, which will make you enjoy your favorite
drinks with zero impact on the environment.

Guests can buy our water bottles directly on site and fill them with the fresh water from the sources of Mount Etna, or you may take advantage of our online shop to purchase one for your daily use back home.

Pottery and Water Bottles

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