Discover our e-shop to taste the best fruits of ours 13 hectares coltivation, the handcrafted ceramics of Caltagirone, the plastic-free water bottles and above all, our award-winning ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (IGT SICILIA)

In the 13 hectares of property, located in the area of Sant’Alfio, on Etna, at about 800 meters above sea level, Case Perrotta has developed two main crops: olive and cherry plantation. We also have a mixed orchard, with both summer and winter fruits, like walnuts, chestnuts trees and a vegetable garden.

In this shop you can find the LOCAL COMPANY PRODUCTS.

Extra virgin olive oil is our biggest pride, with years of quality awards and two certifications. The cherries, DOP of ETNA (once called "mastrantonio"), give a truly exciting view in spring when they blossom, and we put them in jars with lemon zest and flavoured orange honey, this jam is a fresh taste of our land.
Our apricots, drops of sunshine from our generous trees, are prepared with almond grain for a truly unique delicacy. The honeys, all produced in Sant’Alfio, are a local rarity.

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